Winter is Coming

… so is Christmas. And along comes 2018 edition

I've been so exited to kick this little thing off again. Last year was so fun – but hard since I had to write most of the articles myself. Though some VERY good photographers (and friends) really kicked-in, and wrote some fantastic articles.
And I am so pleased to say, that they've all signed on for this year as well. As well as some new ones – so once again you're in for a treat ... or 24 :D

So what is new?

Well ... here on the calendar nothing much. New authors and articles – otherwise the good old self.
But from my point of view there are some changes.
Last year I wrote this article about drones ... and guess what – I now have a drone!

Back then I had to rely on drone "stock" images. Not anymore. And I can assure you that this year you'll see more drone related articles.


So that's a sneak peek ... and let's get started with our

Kick-off Quick-tip

And speaking of drones ... flying and shooting with a drone got me back in the whole HDR [High Dynamic Range] / AEB [Auto Exposure Bracketing] game. And I found this tiny tip very useful when you start to clutter your Lightroom catalogue with 3-5 images per image, in stead of one.

So here goes: When you're done importing all of your HDR / AEB files into Lightroom the overall overview of the catalogue can be hard. So what you have to do - in the Library module – go to Photo -> Stacking and select Auto Stack by Capture Time.


I tend to go with 3 seconds, but if you have longer exposure times, of course you need to go with a higher value.
By doing this, Lightroom will automatically stack your HDR / AEB files so the overview suddenly is much more organised and much more manageable.

That's it … hope you find this little tip valuable.

Niels Steinmeier

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