The Right Angle

In my optics there is a picture in most environments. It's all about getting the right angle to the things, people or landscapes you'd like to take a picture of.

I have tried to take pictures of the same Christmas reindeer at different angles. I started taking this picture. As you can see, the picture is both a bit dull and not lighted the best way.


Then I went in a little closer. This made a big difference, but still I have some of the same problems as on the first picture.


Then I went a step closer and now the image begins to become more exciting and interesting.


Final shot

Eventually I walked a little step closer and sat down so I came down at the same angle as the reindeer. This gave the most interesting and best illuminated image.


As you can see, it really has a huge effect at which angle you take your photos from.
And it can do almost anything interesting. So it's just about getting started and taking a lot of pictures in this sweet Christmas season.


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Lars Roed

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