Multiple Clone Stamps

You know it ... I'm sure. You have used the Clone Stamp tool i Lightroom, and you want to clone something that intercuts at an already cloned space, but you keep selecting the "old" clone ... look no further, I'm here for the rescue.

Today's tip is a VERY VERY quick tip ... so let's get right to it.

When cloning / healing in Lightroom you'll sometimes end up needing to clone / heal at a spot where you've already done some cloning / healing.
And the Lightroom keeps selecting that clone in stead of letting you make a new clone.

Well, here's the tip: Press H on the keyboard, and Lightroom hides all of your clones, and by that you can then make some new ones in that same area.
And when you're done, you simply press the H again, and they're all back.

Press H on the keyboard

Simple ... I told you

Merry Christmas

Niels Steinmeier

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