A Landscape Photographer's Everyday Story

I often hear that we, as photographers, do not have enough time and therefore often take the same pictures over and over again. And in that, it becomes both boring and unmotivated.

I think that much of this is due to the time we spend on various social media scrolling through all of these amazing pictures, from great places around the world.
And in that context, we forget to stop and see all the great and good opportunities that are right in front of us, at the places where we live.

I have made a rule for myself, saying: I always have my camera bag at work. It allows me to stop if the light is nice or I see something, that will make a great landscape image.

A picture from my trip to work

I'm also the lucky owner of a dog – actually a labrador who needs a lot of exercise. That allows me to drive out to the local dog forest and thus take my camera bag with me.

A picture of Cosmo in the dog forest close to Ribe

So it's all about thinking differently and seeing new opportunities in the things you have around you.
This changed vision is also of great importance to what you can take pictures of or how.

I believe that it's a lot about seeing opportunities in all the things we have around us. You can take pictures of something that you do not normally want to take pictures of.

An old tree in the same dog forest

Or you can be change the angle of how you take your photos, it may be to go in closer

A picture of an old fence pole

… lie down and take pictures from below

A picture of some weird mushrooms – shot laying on my stomach

… or maybe try to get pictures of something far away.


It can also be switching lenses and though trying out new things.

A picture taken with my 70-200 lens. Which makes the foreground and background more compressed

In the end, I think it's about getting out and taking a lot of pictures. And so I also think it will be easier and easier to find the great pictures.

So you all start hunting those amazing images right now!


You can find Lars' amazing landscape images (and others) at his Instagram account.

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