Range Mask with Stand-alone Lightroom

This tip goes out to [especially] all of you with the Stand-alone version of Lightroom

I came to think about the tip Lars gave on December 2nd about Range Masks in Lightroom and how that actually only applies to Lightroom users who are on a subscription model.
And I then realised that the exact same technique is actually available to all of you with the stand alone version.
But also in some rare cases, where the Range Masks just aren't enough.

This tip applies to both the Graduated Filter and the Radial Filter.

So watch my little video here, and be amazed ... or at least enlightened :D
(bonus tip ... if you'd like to watch the video in full-screen, just press the vimeo logo ... or here)

As you can see, it's very easy, but can be very effective.

Merry Christmas

Niels Steinmeier

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