Pure, Genuine Magic

Have you seen the new "content aware fill" in the latest release of Photoshop? You really should ... and I'll explain the magic right now.

In the latest release of Photoshop, Adobe introduced a new way to "content aware fill". A tiny magic box inside your computer.

The old version was a bit clunky, and if you were lucky, gave you 70 - 80 % percent of what you needed.
But now … you can remove a lot of things more or less automagically.

All you do is open your image. Make a selection around what you'd like to remove.
Go to Edit -> Content Aware Fill and a new dialog opens.

This dialog now shows you your image (left) with everything but your selection with a green overlay. On your right, you have the result of your content aware fill. But you now have a brush that you can use to brush away areas you do not want Photoshop to sample from, when using the content aware fill. By removing various items from the sample areas, you have much more control of, how Photoshop removes from your images.

Please note, that if you do, like before (Shift + backspace) you still get the old dialog, where you can select to fill with either foreground- or background colour or Content Aware Fill. If you go with this option, you do not have the controls mentioned above.

Getting so close now … Merry Chistmas


NOTE: Unfortunately time, and some technical issues prevented me from showing this to you – sorry

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