I see People

I really love shooting people – with my camera of course. Even though my personality is a bit introvert, I manage to pull it off.

I have mentioned this earlier, so I will not linger too much on the topic, just mention the fact, that being a bit introvert, and still loving to shoot portraits can contradict.
But somehow it just applies to me.

I'm not the big studio portrait photographer – actually I have less to no knowledge about setting up studio lights / flash. And I NEVER use my flash. As I wrote about in last years calendar, I really like shooting with available light.

Talent or luck?

I think, in my portraits, I have a gift of "bringing out the person" when I photograph them. Often, when you stick a huge camera in the face of people, they tend to go all "panic" on you, and the expression and face in general turn into a stiff and forced look. I am not quite sure of what I really do, but I hardly never miss. I always come home with images where you really see the person portrayed. Sure, I have the stiff, fake looks as well, but I always have the good stuff.

Still, I think I have some ideas about how I do this.
I general I'm just a really, genuine, likeable nice guy :D – well ... those are my words. At least I try to act natural, genuine and likeable when shooting portraits. It's my job to make my subjects feel comfortable and at ease ... that way I know I get the right shots.

But I also do what I call shooting between the images – In short, that's where I shoot portraits in between of poses. More or less the client is unaware of me shooting, and hence they relax and do NOT pose ... in stead they are ... well, themselves. And that's when you get an honest and genuine portrait of people – I believe.

And lastly ... I believe a portrait is a lot of things ... it not just a headshot of someone. A portrait easily tells a story.


Who am I to talk about that without showing ... so here goes.
And please let me know if you disagree with me. I'm just sitting here on my high chair ... would really love your comments. 

If you like you can check out more examples at my portrait gallery on my website


Niels Steinmeier

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