This is the End

Again, 24 days went by (much faster than expected I bet) and is wrapping up 2018.

Well, once again we made it through 24 days of this little thing.
This year, unfortunately, time was not on my side, and I'm sure you've all noticed these last few days, that the "articles" turned more and more lightweight. This is part my fault, since planning simply failed me + December was just SO busy at work and at home, so that time was simply not enough.

I am of course sorry for that, but hey ... we still made it ... and that's very much due the lovely, talented contributors who send me amazing stuff to share (see below).

So all the stuff I had planned but never came around to write, will have to wait 'till next year (fingers crossed).
I really hope we can continue this little funny thing, and I'll certainly start the planning much earlier next year :D


Let's hear it for ...

Now, this would not have been possible without the help of a couple of people, whom I'd like to take the time to properly thank:

  1. Philipp Staudacher for his contribution and positive feedback
  2. Tue Wolff Madsen for his flow of articles, positive feedback, inspiration and amazingly huge technical insight.
  3. Lars Roed for his writings and positive feedback.
  4. Chriztian Steinmeier for letting me "parasitize" on his calendar-eco-system

So THANK YOU everyone ... you helped making this possible.

And then I'd like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Niels Steinmeier

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