10 Years of Sharing

It's crazy how time flies by! We have a hard time believing that we've just wrapped up our 10th season of 24 Days In Umbraco. It feels like yesterday that Niels Hartvig and Per Ploug made an attempt to do an advent calendar with daily Umbraco tips in December 2011, which inspired us to make this project happen the following year.

In December 2012 Umbraco 4.11 was the talk of the town. It made many developers drool because it was so awesome to use MVC instead of Webforms! And Umbraco Concorde was starting to take shape (this was the initial name for Umbraco Cloud). Fast forward to December 2021 and Umbraco 9 has been released, is platform independent and more extensible than ever. Umbraco Cloud has become the default for many companies to base their new Umbraco builds on and it's even possible to go Headless using Umbraco Heartcore among other cloud offerings. It's been quite a journey for our beloved CMS and company!

Glancing over the author names from all 10 years is a nice trip down memory lane and we get goosebumps when we see how many legendary community members have been so kind to share their, sometimes hard-earned, knowledge making us all learn and grow together. Not only as developers but as human beings since we've had a good variation of topics throughout the years. We have published articles beyond the gold 'code' nuggets: discussing how to learn, how to deal with mental health, organising events etc. We're happy to see that the articles represent the diversity in our community and it was never just about code 😀.

It's a joy to see people who have been new to the community being invited to do talks at CodeGarden and other Umbraco related events after having some of their first writings about Umbraco published on our site. It makes us really proud to witness.

We've reached quite a milestone by running this calendar for 10 years straight, which is only possible because of all the nice people who volunteer each year, which is amazing. The first few years the team was Chriztian Steinmeier, Sebastian Dammark and myself. In 2015 we somehow managed to get it all up and running in less than 14 days. We nearly cancelled the show that year but then Blake Clerke stepped in helping us getting authors lined up and before we knew it we were back in business. Big #H5YR Blake - we would not have managed to do all 10 years straight without your help back then. In 2016 Dave Woestenborghs joined the team and is still around.

We look forward to running the calendar for another 10 years!

The stats

In case you haven't noticed, Umbraco HQ has started to grow a forest, which currently has 7529 trees in it helping to improve the climate. The concept in short is that for every new Umbraco release or other special occasion, Umbraco HQ plants a batch of new trees. Community members can also choose to donate trees if they desire, which many have already done.

But how is this relevant for a closing article for 24 Days In Umbraco? Well the thing is that Umbraco HQ has promised to plant 1 tree per unique author and per published article to help us celebrate our 10th anniversary in style... And the numbers you're now eagerly awaiting are...

Unique authors: 204

Published articles: 255 (yup, that's more than 10×24)

Total trees HQ will plant: 459

New team members

Our little team has been growing this month and we're proud to present Lotte Pitcher and Paul Seal as new members of the team!

The reason being... we're launching a YouTube channel! Early December Paul (our community's own world-famous YouTuber) reached out to us since he had the idea to read each article aloud in a YouTube recording, making it possible for people to listen to the articles while doing other things. We liked the idea so much that we're going to make it happen and throughout the Christmas break and new years, new videos will be added to the official 24 Days In Umbraco YouTube channel.

We hope that you will enjoy this new initiative and we look forward to supplementing the written articles with these videos for upcoming seasons. Authors will be given the opportunity to do the reading themselves but in case they don't have time, or simply don't want to read it aloud, Paul and Lotte will be there to assist and make sure it's possible to listen to (and view) the article being read aloud. We're super excited to see how it works out.

Help us get our own custom 24 Days URL on YouTube by subscribing to the channel. Once we reach 100 subscribers we can customise it, which would be awesome! Your subscription is very appreciated ♥️

Editors' Picks: 10 Inspiring Articles

If you feel the blues of it all being over soon like we do, we've made a selection of 14 articles - yeah we failed to narrow it down to 10 to match the headline - that may be worth to read or re-read (and of course you have already read them, right...right?!). Just in case you think the Christmas break is too long and you need some brain food.

It's been insanely hard to pick since there is so much high quality content to choose from and we can't obviously pick all 255, even though we wanted to. So after months of debating back and forth (ok, maybe not months but it sounds good!) our list of inspiring articles are, in no particular order:

What does your favourite list look like? Please share it on Twitter using the #24DaysInUmbraco10thAnniversary hashtag and @ us at @24DaysInUmbraco to help us celebrate our 10th anniversary for a little longer - We look forward to receiving your favourites!

Thanks for all your support in our first decade - Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a Happy New Year!


Team 24 Days In Umbraco.

Jan Skovgaard

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