Traditional Umbraco Meetup Christmas Pudding

Start the new year with this cheeky Umbraco favorite - a group of like-minded Umbraco developers and users wanting to connect over sweet pizza flavors and a hint of beer.


This year I started Brisbane, Australia's very first Umbraco meetup. Rather than bore you with the details; follow my instructions in this easy to "digest" recipe. 

About this recipe:
1 Month Prep
2 Hours To Cook and Serve
12 Servings
Skill Level: Easy


1-2 Umbraco MVPs

2 Umbraco Gold Partners minimum, more if you want more zest or free stuff

10 Passionate Umbraco developers

5 Clients or Enthusiastic editors

1 Consistent venue with large screen/display/projector including lots of seating

8 Pizzas including gluten free / vegan / vegetarian options

2 Beers per person - chilled

ADVANCED: door prizes or feedback forms to end with a bang

Step 1

Find a topic or speaker to headline your first Umbraco meetup and choose a venue.
Favorite topics in the Umbraco Community include but are not limited to:
- What I learned at Codegarden
- How I learned to do (insert item) in Umbraco
- Has anyone else ever had this issue/problem/ roadblock?
- How to build and release a package?
- What's new in version (x)?
- Here is how I made this awesome useful thing.

Alternative meetup formats include:
- Having various members do short 10-15 minute lightning talks
- Hackathon for a charity or around Umbraco as a whole
- Wine tasting or food eating
- Run/walking/cycling group

Improvise and seek feedback about the ingredients and flavors in your area.

Step 2

Setup a group, invite everyone you've ever met and double check there isn't already an Umbraco Meetup in your area.
If there is, no need to make a new one, reach out to that organizer to help.
Spam the internet about your new meetup is also encouraged including , Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Step 3

Pray people RSVP and come to your event once you've set the date/time.

Step 4

Order pizza and chill beer at least one hour before serving your meetup.

Step 5

Serve your meetup immediately with enthusiasm as desired once pizza arrives.
Guide proceedings minimally and allow an organic group to form through member's participation and feedback.

Step 6
Relax post event - put your feet up and then repeat steps 1 - 5 for the next month.

Chef's notes
The key is to have consistent and regular meetups to maintain momentum and grow your own Umbraco community.
No developers were baked, whisked or fried in this recipe.

Elizabeth Gibbons

Elizabeth is on Twitter as