Umbraco HQ + the Community - A beautiful codependent relationship

Umbraco is not only a CMS and it’s not only a small company located in the heart of Denmark. No. Umbraco is above all a community!

Being open source comes with a bunch of benefits and we would be stupid to not draw on all the experience and expertise from the many people who use Umbraco in their daily work-life.

That’s why, this year, Umbraco HQ has started putting a lot more focus on our community, and started not only 1 but 2 teams:

The PR Team

This team of lovely volunteers helps us with the initial evaluation of incoming issues and pull requests to Umbraco CMS. From HQ, we’ve got Sebastiaan Janssen leading this team.

The Documentation Curators

Starting in January 2018, 3 experienced Umbracians joined forces with one - and eventually two - people from Umbraco HQ to improve the Umbraco Documentation.

Both teams make sure that we give all of your wonderful contributions the attention they deserve.

The collaboration between Umbraco HQ and the community has been a smashing success so far!

A lot of new documentation, 3 Umbraco releases consisting almost exclusively of community PRs, versioned Umbraco Documentation, active Umbraco repositories and much, much more.

In November, we invited the two teams to Umbraco HQ for a talk about processes and the future. It was a very productive couple of days and I believe I speak for everybody when I say that we are all very excited about where this collaboration will bring us in 2019.

Intrigued? Have a look at this video where you can get to know the teams, hear their thoughts about the collaboration and ideas for the future:

Sofie Toft Kristensen

Sofie is on Twitter as

Sebastiaan Janssen

Sebastiaan is on Twitter as