1. The Umbraco Codebase: A Traveller's Guide
  2. Debugging AngularJS
  3. Getting data in and out of complex Archetype data types
  4. Your first pull request
  5. Dealing With Members Using The MemberService & MembershipHelper
  6. The Double Album
  7. Managing Members in Umbraco
  8. Making an Angular-powered frontend with Umbraco
  9. Architectural thoughts when using Umbraco in Multi-platform solutions
  10. How to take full advantage of macros within the Umbraco 7.2 grid
  11. Newbie's Guide to Setting Up an Umbraco Website
  12. Upgrading Umbraco using Git
  13. Architecture based on IoC/DI for Umbraco packages
  14. Using Angular in the backoffice - Some useful tips
  15. Build a simple contextual language switcher
  16. All Your Images Are Belong to Umbraco
  17. Modify Umbraco URLs with the UrlProvider and ContentFinder
  18. Umbraco Packaging with AppVeyor CI
  19. Have beer - looking for workers
  20. Extending Umbraco 7 backend
  21. Redirect rules
  22. Faceted Search with Bobo
  23. The Merchello Contribution
  24. The power of (Christmas) card modes
  25. The EPUB is here