What is this?

This is the 24 Days In Umbraco Christmas Calendar, that's what it is.

It started in December 2012, where we asked a bunch of Umbraco people if they had a favorite feature, a story or something else that they'd be willing to write a short article about. Then we'd post a new one here everyday through december.

So now we're totally doing that!

We're publishing around 09:00 CET (UTC+1) every day of December.

How are you going to make money on this?

We won't - no ads, no popups etc. - Pure premium content for people we know appreciate it, by the very same people too :-)

If not for money, then for the love of God, why are you doing this?

You obviously haven't tried Umbraco yet, have you?

Is there an index of all the articles for previous years' calendars?

Yes there is - it's conveniently located by smashing the year after the base URL, so like this:

Yeah that's actually pretty neat, but what about topics then? Any way to browse the articles about, say, XSLT?

Well, all articles have been tagged so if you're really adventurous, you could try the 'tags' page and see if there's an XSLT tag you can filter by... (there is :-)

Who are you crazy people doing this?

The unstoppable team is composed of Jan Skovgaard Olsen (@TheRealBatJan), Lotte Pitcher (@lottepitcher), Paul Seal (@CodeSharePaul), Dave Woestenborghs (@dawoe21) and Chriztian Steinmeier (@greystate); and over the years we've been super-blessed with awesome helping hands from lots more people in the community - #H5YR everyone!

Ah - got it, take me back to the calendar